Alumni Benefits
There are many benefits as you will get to connect with friends which you might have taught are lost.
Alumni Events
There are many events that you can easily participate in and get the right time to catch up.
Lifetime Membership
There are many things that you can do to make sure that you hang out together.
Organize Reunions
With you can make sure that you get to connect to the people who you have lost touch with.


Membership is free and open to all graduates of the Oologah-Talala Public School system. In order to be considered an “active” member please provide contact information via the GuestBook; to keep personal information confidential.

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  • The primary creation of the Alumni Association is to keep the graduate network connected.

  • To assist with class reunions, to (eventually) offer a scholarship program, and to become an active and positive influence in the Oologah community.

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Our Alumni

It was nice seeing all your friends building up in life and trying to gain things which can get you started with the right help.

Monica C. Bell

This is one of the best place if you are looking to catch with your old friends and classmates.

Roberto P. Cox

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Behavior In A Casino

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A couple of Truth to Avoid for the Time at a Casino

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  1. Do not Be Unprepared: Know the Principles

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  1. Do not Disrespect the Trader

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New gamblers That Are New to all the Rules of this game may check out the trader such as leadership. It stands to reason that the trader is more inclined to give newer gamblers information should they’re polite.

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Four Reasons to get involved with Alumni Associations

Alumni Associations

Sometimes in our lives, we feel all that we need is a little bit of happiness, togetherness with our beloved ones and the happy times that we spent with our friends. Meeting friends bring back the essence of life and enthusiasm. Just one meeting can change our entire lives and cherish our good old days. This article is very special to me, and here we are speaking about the reasons why getting involved with Alumni Associations is special,

Reason 1: Cherish the memories

We all have experienced a sense of resentfulness, or maybe heartbreaks. But still, we have a sweet soothing feeling for our old pals and associations, why is that? Have you ever taught of it? It is because they are always there to tap us on the back and lift a glass at the same time as we rise up. And due to the fact they play a starring function in some of our most valuable memories. A small alumni association scr88 can beautify your lifestyles in profoundly meaningful ways.

Reason 2: Develop Connections

This is a very smart way of thinking about alumni meets. When you are a part of any associations like this, you automatically get to know many resources and develop a very good relationship with our comrades. If you are a businessman, or an attorney, a teacher or anything by profession, alumni association always takes the advantage side. Along with the meets, you can share your saga of life and enjoy the terms of taking a small break from your busy schedule.

Reason 3: Exchange gratitude

Your school and colleges are one such place where you will definitely gain a lot of life experience and learn many things that will help you to frame your future life. In this journey, you will not get any time to exchange the note of thanks or gratitude. But the alumni associations are the great opportunities to give away such feeling.

Reason 4: Expanding your skills

Expanding your skills

There are many theories to acknowledge that alumni gathering are the best skill enhancers. The person you where during the time of college might not be the same as a person you are today. Alumni associations are one such platform to keep enhancing your skills and showcase them with your mates.

Reason 5: Help other students

If you are a successful alumnus and have great honor towards your institute and the students who are studying in it, then you can help with whatever assistance you can offer them. The alumni association is a great way to help them get scholarships, donations or help them for placements and so on.

Reason 6: Influential speaker and a supporter

Alumni associations are indeed a great assembly to become a resourceful person for your educational institute. You can be a role model and an efficient influencer, even a career guide to the students who are in need of suggestions and advice regarding their career and future.

Your Behavior In A Casino

Behavior In A Casino

Most casinos actually have a very unique and also quite a mysterious atmosphere and that can be a little associated with some huge winnings and also some very life-changing decisions indeed. Some of the players may have even spent thousands of dollars and hours in a casino trying to win some jackpot in sbobet ibc that they have their eye on. These are the people that know the rules of the place, and they will also make sure that it is followed. These people frequent casinos, and they know what they are doing. This guide is for the fellow amateur who has no idea what is going on in a casino and also one who does not know what to do when they roll up into a casino.

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  • How you should react and behave when and if you lose if very important. You should remember that even if you were not lucky enough in the game, you should actually never end up conveying any negative emotions and you should also never bring down the others at the table. After all, you should know and remember that you are in a public place. You should not be disrespectful, and you should also never be rude to anyone there because it is simply unacceptable indeed. High rollers are ones who take such huge risks, and they always make sure that they stick to some unspoken casino etiquettes that will actually make them look great. You should always control your emotions, and you should also keep a cool head, and you should also not shout, swear or even behave in unruly ways that would ruin your image.
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8 Ideas for Next Alumni Meeting

Alumni Meeting

Alumni events are another bundle of joy. They bring ultimate euphoria and fun. It is always considered as the best time of year. Meeting your old pals discussing the good and bad days, making fun about each other and assuring them that you will always be there for them is the most significant scenes that can happen only during the alumni meets. If you are a great fan of alumni gatherings and looking for some amazing ideas to plan your upcoming 9club alumni gathering, then you are on the right webpage. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of glaring ideas to plan your next meet.

1.     A thug of world war

The name itself is super fun, isn’t it? So is the game. It is a very friendly competition among the alumni. The war of words is a game among the seniors and juniors regarding any topic. Make sure the topic will not target or hurt anyone in the gathering.

2.    Alumni night-out

This is very suitable and most admired culture in the current generations. Most of the alumni would love to take part in the night-outs since they get a very good opportunity to open up, recollect the old memories and take a break from their normal lifestyle.

3.    Sport mania

  Sport mania

Sports Mania is one of the coolest events you can plan. If your batch has an eventful community that was once active in the sports and reconciling them would definitely bring great euphoria. Since it will be a gathering, sports enthusiast would definitely take part, and the others will surely enjoy watching their favourite player playing.

4.    Musical concert

Musical concerts are always a super hit event. The concert can be within you and need not invite guest singers. Alumni can wrap up the stage and enjoy singing and collaborating fusions with fun and enticement.

5.    Speak up event

This is a very fun event, where every alumnus gets a chance to speak about his/her experience in the school. This is one nice way to cherish all the old memories. Allow everyone to open up and go back to those old days.

6.   Days of services

Days of services

Even this can be a nice and finest event. Visit an old age home or an orphanage, gift the individuals, share some quality time and have fun. You can serve at humanity habitations, army camp or refugee camps and extent your immense services to them.

7.    Alumni family gathering

This can be a really exciting event when families are gathering. It can turn into a magical event with lots of fun and enticement. Organizing family-friendly shows, music and games can enrich the gathers with enthusiasm.

8.    Gifting day

Gifting day is like thanks giving day to our teachers and comrades who helped us come through all the struggling of our learning days. You can plan for tiny surprises.

World’s Biggest Casinos

Biggest Casinos

Casinos have always been our favourite hangout spot for a long time, thanks to a handful of reasons. The features that make a casino tend to reap of เกมส์สล็อต, events, music, food, and so on. But there are certain other casinos that take things to a whole new level and tease you with space. These casinos have respectfully made it to this list and come loaded with some of the best in the business. The list spans across the world and picks nothing but the biggest. Hence, to give them credit when it’s due, here are the world’s biggest casinos.


1. WinStar World Casino, Oklahocluma, USA


With over 600,000 square feet, this casino can be classified as the biggest. To take things further, it also features around 7,000 plus gaming machines, 100 table games and a bingo hall with a capacity of 800. Regardless of your favourite เกมส์ สล็อต ออนไลน์, you will find it here, and they have ensured that you do. Apart from gaming, you will also be glad about the Spa, pool bar, golf course, nightclub 711kelab and other such aspects. So, if you are looking for the ideal vacation spot, then head over to Oklahoma.

2. Venetian Macau, Macau, China


The rise of gambling in China is something that has been hitting news and headlines in the recent decade. With better laws, they are bringing the country closer to gaming and the world towards innovation. The Venetian Macau is one such casino that comes loaded with over 546,000 square feet of space that contains more than 6,000 slot machines, 800 gaming tables among other features. If you are planning to pay a visit, then you also need to check out the resort that is styled after Venice’s romantic winding canals and replica landmarks.

3. City of Dreams, Macau, China


In terms of innovation, China does not seem to be stopping, and this casino stands true to that statement. Four hundred fifty gaming tables, 1514 gaming machines, 30 restaurants and bars, a nightclub, art exhibits and various other elements fit well into a space of 420,000 square feet. In terms of comfort and enjoyment, you will have the best of times at the City of Dreams, and you may not be disappointed. Hence, a trip to China wouldn’t be complete without a marathon of the casinos.

4. Foxwoods, Ledyard, Connecticut, USA


If you are looking for more options, then this particular resort comes filled with around six casinos. The size of the gaming area is estimated to be approximately 340,000 square feet, so you might be wondering where to go and which game to play. More than 3,400 slot machines and about 250 tables is right here to engage your thoughts and interests.



Why Should You Never Go To A Casino When You Are Tired

Never Go To A Casino

It is undoubtedly very rare for business people to look at the huge land of feathered showgirls and also shimmering lights that will probably make you dizzy. There are so many people that would love to take Las Vegas by storm and live casino malaysia  owners do know this as well, and that is something that they are not too worried about because it is public knowledge that the odds are always stacked against the players and also that the 12 joker casino will always have an edge. Well, as long as you know what you are doing and as long as you know the rules and regulations, you should make sure that you know what you are doing.

Taking excessive risk will undoubtedly profit the blackjack dealers, and it could end up putting you into some trouble. It will not exactly help you because you need to know your limits. We all know that risk-taking is a part of gambling. But you should not take too many risks, risks that will cause issues and they could even end up costing you a lot of money in the end. Make sure that you have also had more than enough sleep, because it is very risky if you are going to be gambling. Gambling is something that is going to need your undivided attention, your efforts, your knowledge and also all of your wit. You should make sure that you never make any gambling decisions, especially when you are sleep deprived and tired. That would only hurt you later on.



Some researchers who are also neuroscientists at Duke University medical school have made sure to peer into the brain in the midst of making all kinds of decisions and then they saw what precisely happens when you tend to drag yourself into work or even something stressful after you have been out all night. The test subjects who were a part of this study were asked to make a whole series of all kinds of economic decisions, both after a good and full night’s sleep and also after being woken early from some very less amount of rest. The results have clearly indicated that the sleep-deprived individuals who took part of the study have tended to make some choices that have emphasized some monetary gain and they were also less likely to make the choices that reduced some loss as well. Sleep deprivation can certainly change the whole way that the brain can assess the economic value as well.

The study also demonstrates that when you deprive yourself of any sleep, it would increase some sensitivity when it comes to positive rewards while also diminishing the susceptibility to some negative consequences.